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 Fan Feedback

"Wow! Every song so good, love your music and vocals, so wonderful and clear, magic stuff" Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"Excellent Americana musician. Wonderful lyrics and beautiful presentation." Concert Host In Houston, Texas
"I loved your song Frank & Jesse James" Rome, Italy
"They sing a variety of music, however, Rickey and Denise write most of their music. You get to hear talented musicians play a variety of instruments and perform original songs. They truly enjoy what they do and it shows in their performance." Dallas, Texas
"Great guitar work, great vocals and a big thumbs up" Leiden, the Netherlands
"Fantastic songwriting! Your song Waiting On My Time was very enjoyable to listen to, looking forward to hearing more" Lakeport, California
"Really well-played songs" Devon, United Kingdom
"An accomplished songwriter, singer, and musician have proved himself in multiple venues through the years as an American music creator whose skills have landed him recognition, and a recording contract with Louisiana Hayride records. His velvet tone voice and soulful stage persona, have let him be seen and heard throughout this great state of Texas. A great, and personal friend of mine." Garland, Texas
"Great ballad! I like the arrangement. Greetings from a fellow Texan" Esparza, Costa Rico
"I like your voice, I like your guitar playing, I like your music" Nottingham, United Kingdom
"You're a wonderful storyteller, Rickey. This is a great ballad with the musical performance, and the great video, love the vocals with great harmonies. You're singing about Carla, but the pictures and the devastation look just like Harvey in Houston, and what will be the same look after Irma passes through the Caribbean Islands and Florida. Pray for all the victims of the bad side of Mother Nature!" Gumna, Japan
"Great harmony with voices that blend so well together" Mesquite, Texas
"Very nice acoustic guitar and harmonica, You have a great ballad voice" Creighton, Nebraska
"What sweet playing, great feel and nice vocals" Charlotte, North Carolina
"We really enjoyed your Americana show last night; you really have a lot of talent" Wylie, Texas
"Your music has a great crossover appeal with your Texas country, folk music, progressive bluegrass and acoustic blues" Richardson, Texas
"Rickey Gene Wright & Duck Creek Station sounds like they've been playing together a long time. They really enjoy what they do" Bonham, Texas
"One of the few bands that my husband and I both say play the kind of music we both like" Garland, Texas
"This Americana singer-songwriter proclaims his musical roots with his original songs along with a small number of well-chosen covers, well done Rickey Gene Wright and Duck Creek Station, perfect blend musicianship, song-writing, storytelling and tightly woven harmony" Mesquite, Texas
"Your New CD "Rickey Gene Wright and Duck Creek Station" is GREAT! Concert Host In Parker, Texas
"Rickey Gene Wright and Duck Creek Station" is honestly one of the best CD/albums I've heard in a long while". Dallas, Texas
"I love your music and your passion. I listen to your CD daily and I have purchased and given ten CD's to fellow Texas music lovers". Dallas, Texas
"Best sing-along CD I have ever owned". Dallas, Texas
"Listening to your CD makes me happy even when the song is telling a sad story". Mabank, Texas
"Your voice was made for singing ballads, love your new CD/Album" Mesquite, Texas
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