Rickey Gene Wright Americana Singer Songwriter

RGW Info Video1:57 min
"Watin' On My Time"
One Of RGW's Songs That
Has Become His Trademark

“Not many artists can captivate an audience like the singer-songwriter Rickey Gene Wright. He carries a golden age brand of Americana and Country Music that reminds us of days when the troubadour was king, and storytelling was a craft reserved for only the most dedicated souls who could lose themselves inside of a song. His live performance is more than a show; it’s an experience—a journey through history and back, down old dirt roads that run along one-room church houses and old barns, across oceans of time, and inward to the deepest places of the human heart. And as an added bonus he is often joined by the talented Denise Owen and beautiful harmony happens when this duet is singing at live performances or in the recording studio. If Rickey Gene Wright is playing solo or as a duet or with the Americana acoustic band "Duck Creek Station" anywhere near you, you don’t want to miss it.”—Tony Ramey, CMA of Texas Artist of the Year/ Gold and Platinum, BMI Award-winning Singer-Songwriter 

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